Same Day Minneapolis iPhone Repair

Looking to get your iPhone screen repaired and not break the bank or survive days and weeks without a phone? We are your solution to expedited, convenient and affordable third party iPhone, iPad and cell phone repairs in the Minneapolis area. Simply bring your device into our shop and we’ll give you a 100% free and transparent quote on what it would cost to repair your device. We offer discounts on multiple repairs and in most cases, it is much more cost effective to replace individual components than it is to get an entirely new device, whether used or through your existing cellular carrier.

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Home / Power Buttons Fixed On The Spot

Wear and tear on your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 device can be especially hard on the buttons you use everyday, however luckily these can be fixed and there is no need to spend hundreds on a new device. If the connection is simply worn down, this can be fixed the same day and costs less than $50 in most cases.

Liquid Damaged iPhone Diagnosis

Other hardware replacement issues regarding your iPhone are generally straight forward, but finding the solution to a liquid damage issue regardless of size can be a pretty daunting task. If you’ve experienced iPhone water damage, turn your device off right away and bring it into us – we can make no promises, but we can promise to do our best to recover your phone and data.

Battery Swaps

Customers with low battery problems are pretty common and come through our doors everyday. Usually customers who have had their iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 for a few years will experience quick power drains – these can definitely be fixed! Bring your phone in today and we can replace the battery in less than 20 minutes.

Audio Speaker Issues

The speakerphone and audio assembly in your iPhone is definitely a high failure part and needs to be replaced if your phone is older. This repair isn’t costly and takes about an hour to fix. If your audio is running into any issues at all, give us a call and we’d love to help.